Thursday, November 25, 2010

Over 3500 TV Channels on Your PC

  Nowadays You can find everything on TV's: News,Entertainment and etc..... But have you ever dreamed of  exporting TV and importing it to your PC. TV is addictive, but Internet+PC is twice addictive.You might complain "why do I have to pay for TV Software, there are many ways to watch TV for example: Cable or Satellite.Yes there are great , but there are too complicated in certain forms like  
    Instalation: For  cables or satellites it takes days to register,than you have to wait while technician comes and finally you will get your TV in a WEEK. On other hand installing software takes minutes and you can enjoy your 3500 channels after waiting for 2 minutes
     Content: Cable\satellite have max 200 channels, while TV softwares have (as I mentioned) over 3500 channels from 90 countries.
     For Cables you pay money for installation  and then monthly fees
     For Satellites you pay so much money for only purchasing it that for that money you can buy a notebook and TV software and you might even think of  getting ipad.
     For the TV softwares you just pay max 50$ and suddenly you have an access to 3500 channels.
So I did it paid 49$ and instantly watched new episode of "Walking Dead".
And have to mention that it is available for Macs too, which immediately draw my attention.

Be sure to check it out it is just great and it is trusted over 10000000 costumers. Have fun.

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